Designer. Seamstress. Visionary. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Brenda L. Jones unknowingly cultivated her brand as early as middle school…often wearing a combination of colors, materials and styles, she embraced her individual chic in the midst of less confident peers. Shortly after high school, in the Spring of 2007, Brenda added to her recognized talent–a sewing machine gifted from her grandmother, a small card table, and an intense passion to create beautiful. She knew early in her entrepreneurial path that women love to wear their unique and powerful selves on the outside, and they looked beautiful doing it; but she knew they look more beautiful doing it with Brenda L. Jones Clothing. Her talent was quickly recognized and rewarded. The young upstart made her fabulous mark on many local models, professionals, socialites, and fashion-minded females. By the time she graduated with a business degree from University of Baltimore, Brenda L. Jones knew she would strive tirelessly to enhance the existence of woman the world over. Now, 6 years, hundreds of clients, and thousands of followers later, Brenda has stayed true to the brand with her ready to wear and custom lines. The soul of her designs continues to embrace and breathe vibrant colors, different materials, and asymmetrical patterns into her pieces. The impact of her creations continue to strengthen the unique and bold brand that she is. And her unwavering vision continues to empower, celebrate, and encourage the woman who wears Brenda L. Jones Clothing.