BrendaLJones Experience with Self Made Magazine

1779714_998579553504613_123053493796787527_nIn the  SelfMadeMagazine Designer BrendaLJones discloses being pregnant with major business ideas daily and birthing a profitable business. “no kids for me  right now BrendaLJonesClothing is my child”


February 2015 Designer BrendaLJones owner of BrendaLJonesClothing  had the opportunity  to grace the Cover Of TheSelfMadeMagazine as one of the 15 Entrepreneurs projected to have a break out year in ’15 .

When I received the call around 9:30am I didn’t think twice I knew I wanted to apart of something major so I quickly said Yes and the rest was History.   It was a pleasure working with Brandon and his staff. Its nothing like working with professional business minded individuals, That understand dreams are just thoughts the Becoming is more powerful then the Dreaming.

The self-made magazine release party was amazing I wish a lot of you would have came out to network it was some major people in the building …special thanks to my boyfriend who always support me my beautiful assistant and friend Tyra Bacon who I love so dearly and to the owner of selfmademagazine Brandon Jones  I’m so proud of you  and your team.