BrendaLJones Prom Client NIA was spotted in Balitmore wearing A Custom piece Made By Designer BrendaLJones

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Saturday  April 18 Prom season started in Baltimore  for a BrendaLJonesClothing Doll name Nia and her mom Altravease  Jenkins. Nia was spotted wearing a blue and yellow sequin backless mini with a detachable organza high low ruffle skirt Custom and design by Designer BrendaLJones.  Entering into  the BrendaLJonesClothing studio with  the  sweetest attitude and the perfect demeanor for  her first consultation   Nia knew the color she wanted but wasn’t settled on a style.  During the consultation we begin to design her dress bouncing ideas around, eventually we came up with perfect the #BLJ custom Dress for Nia’s Big Day.  My goal as a Designer is to mesh my Designing abilities with my customer’s personality. Designer BrendaLJones doesn’t believe in making replicas that’s why a strong consultation is very important when making a BrendaLJonesClothing dress. The Day Nia and her mom received their BrendaLJonesClothing Dress, Nia and  her Mom was delighted with the quality of the garment and the BrendaLJonesClothing Garment Bag it was in. I enjoyed working with these two and look for to working with them for Prom 2k16.

Message from Nia’s Mom

“Yes thank you for everything. That was Perfect Dress Perfect fit the back band you added was awesome You are an Amazing Designer/ Seamstress”


Nia with Her Family




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